Why Hire Us?

Why hire us? If your civil rights were violated, there is no more experienced law firm in Northeastern Pennsylvania at civil rights litigation. There are only a handful of other equally experienced lawyers throughout the country. At the Dyller Law Firm, you get New York City style lawyering in downtown Wilkes-Barre.

At the Dyller Law Firm, if we accept your case, you get talent, dedication, perseverance. You get lawyers you can talk to, who are accessible to you. You get lawyers who know the inside of a courtroom. You get lawyers who will actually return your phone calls. You get lawyers whose only interest is what is best for you. We constantly ask ourselves what is best for your life, and we work with you to achieve objectives that work for you.

We work for our clients and with our clients to get results that help our clients and that frequently also benefit society as a whole. You would be surprised at the satisfaction our clients experience when their case makes a positive difference in the world.

Ask around. Find out who is the most talented. We want you to look us up, to ask for opinions, to get second opinions. We want you to exercise your good and informed judgment.

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