Securities Litigation or Investment Loss

Before Barry Dyller became the premier civil rights litigator in Northeastern Pennsylvania, he was a New York City litigator of big corporate and securities cases. Attorney Dyller and his law firm now take the expertise they developed representing large corporate interests and use it to help individuals or small businesses who have been taken advantage of in business or investments.

Investment firms have a duty to “know their client.” In other words, these investment firms, stock brokers, investment advisors, or whatever they choose to call themselves, must invest your money both in accordance with your wishes, and also in a way that makes sense for your personal and financial situation. Unfortunately, many so-called investment advisors prey on retirees, who have accumulated money over the course of their entire work life. These unscrupulous or simply incompetent investment advisors then put that money at higher risk than makes sense given their client’s financial situation, age, and retiree status. The Dyller Law Firm has helped many clients recover large portions of the losses they suffered from these inappropriate “investments.”

In these situations, you probably don’t even know it, but you signed an agreement that you will not sue the investment firm or its employees. Instead, you agreed (in the fine print) that you would arbitrate these disputes in an investment industry created forum called “FINRA” – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. These are highly specialized arbitrations before panels of arbitrators, some of whom work directly in the investment industry. The Dyller Law Firm is experienced at navigating these FINRA arbitrations and helping our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

The Dyller Law Firm’s business litigation is not limited to FINRA arbitrations. We successfully engage in sophisticated business litigation of all types. For example, the Dyller Law Firm fought a long but successful battle on behalf of a church which had been taken advantage of by a bank trustee. The Dyller Law Firm is experienced at all types of business litigation. Call us to discuss your potential case.

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