Police Brutality Or Excessive Force Cases

The police are sometimes permitted to use force. The police are never permitted to use unreasonable force or excessive force. When the police use more force than is reasonably necessary under the circumstances, they violate a person’s constitutional rights. These cases are sometimes called police brutality cases or excessive force cases. The Dyller Law Firm has brought many police brutality or excessive force cases against local municipal police, against state police, and against the supervisors of police who engage in police brutality or excessive force.

The term “police brutality” is not always a useful one, because it sometimes makes people think that a police beating must be severe in order to be illegal. This is absolutely wrong. The police are not permitted to use more force than is reasonably necessary under the circumstances. If no force is necessary, then no force is permitted. If no force is necessary, then any force is “excessive” and “unreasonable.”

The Dyller Law Firm has substantial experience bringing excessive force or “police brutality” lawsuits against police who abuse their power. The Dyller Law Firm is nationally known to engage in this type of federal lawsuit. The Dyller Law Firm is the only law firm in Northeastern Pennsylvania to regularly bring excessive force or police brutality lawsuits.

If you believe the police abused their power by using unreasonable force (more force than was reasonably necessary under the circumstances) against you or a loved one, call Barry Dyller of the Dyller Law Firm. We will analyze your case, without any cost to you, and determine if you have a valid excessive force or police brutality case.

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