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Dyller Law Firm is a small law firm – intentionally small. We are small by design, because our lawyers are among the best, brightest and most dedicated. We would rather turn down business than hire more lawyers to do less than a stellar job for you.

We pride ourselves on being complete lawyers. We do not hesitate to try our cases, in both federal and state court. We insist that our written paperwork, which is less visible to the public but extremely important in the decisions by courts, be only top quality. We think through our cases and strategies. We do not shoot from the hip.

The Dyller Law Firm protects its clients’ rights. Civil rights, constitutional rights, employment rights, the right to just compensation for personal injuries or business injuries, or any other rights.

We are aggressive advocates for our clients. We are wise counselors to our clients.

There are other fine lawyers in the marketplace. But at the Dyller Law Firm, you get it all. You get talent. You get dedication. You get lawyering that is unique and different from the rest. You get a lawyer you can talk to, who can relate to you and who you can relate to. We know that your case is the most important case there is, and we treat it that way.

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Barry Dyller
Shelley Centini

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