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The Dyller Law Firm is the premier civil rights law firm in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and one of the top civil rights law firms in the country. What does that mean? What exactly are the civil rights of United States citizens?

We have rights protected by the United States Constitution. If your rights under the Constitution were violated, the Dyller Law Firm can help you. You have many rights. Here are a few:

  • The right to free speech
  • The right to associate with the political party of your choice, or not to associate with a political party
  • The right not to be arrested without probable cause
  • The right not have your home entered without a warrant, or one of the limited exceptions to the requirement of a warrant
  • The right to be free from the use of unreasonable or excessive force by the police
  • The right not to be stopped, detained or searched without a warrant, probable cause to believe you committed a crime or offense, or a limited exception to those rights
  • The right not to be retaliated against for exercising another constitutional right

You have many more rights than we can list here. Any right protected by the United States Constitution is a right we can protect.

What other civil rights do you have? You have rights against discrimination based on your race, your gender, your national origin, your religion, your age (over 40), your disability. We can help protect those rights.

Barry Dyller has been on the Executive Board of the Civil Rights Section of the American Association for Justice (the largest national trial lawyers association) for many years, and has been its chairman. Barry Dyller is consulted by lawyers across the country about how to proceed in civil rights matters. Barry Dyller has been named a Civil Rights/First Amendment Super Lawyer in Pennsylvania every year since 2008.  Choose the most experienced and talented civil rights lawyers.

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