Employment Discrimination

The Dyller Law Firm has substantial experience representing clients who have experienced employment discrimination. What does employment discrimination mean? It does not mean that any employee who was treated poorly by the employer is suffering discrimination. It has specific meaning in the law.

Employment discrimination is different treatment, based on a protected factor. Those factors are race or color, sex (gender), national origin, religion, age, disability. Sexual orientation is not a protected class under federal law or under Pennsylvania law. Hopefully, that will change, but for now it is not a protected factor. In limited cases, help those who were discriminated against based on the perception that the employee did not fit society’s gender stereotypes. Call Barry Dyller if you think you were discriminated against based on any of these factors.

What kind of adverse treatment is prohibited, based on these factors? Almost anything, as long as it is serious enough. Discrimination can be difference in pay or difference in treatment. For example, sexual harassment or racial harassment unfortunately are still prevalent in the workplace. Such sexual harassment or racial harassment is adverse treatment. It is a difference (discrimination) in working conditions. Call the Dyller Law Firm and we can assess your situation (for free) and let you know if you have been discriminated against as the law defines discrimination. If you were sexually harassed, racially harassed, or harassed based on any of the other factors we discussed, call us.

Another important and prohibited type of discrimination is retaliation. Not all “retaliation” is prohibited by the law, however. If you were retaliated against for making a complaint about employment discrimination, or if you
were retaliated against for supporting another person’s complaint of employment discrimination, then you have been discriminated against. Your company may have violated your rights.

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