Business Litigation

Most business litigation is conducted by big law firms, charging outrageous hourly rates that no mere mortal can afford. At the Dyller Law Firm, we recognize that there is a need for sophisticated business litigation that those who have been wronged in business can trust and afford. We rival any lawyer and any law firm in the quality of our business litigation. The difference – we cater to those who were wronged in business but cannot afford to pay up front legal fees to protect their rights.

Barry Dyller started his legal career in a big New York City law firm. Mr. Dyller learned how to fight and win business disputes. When Mr. Dyller moved to Pennsylvania, he recognized the need for smaller people or companies to engage sophisticated counsel. Mr. Dyller assumed that role.

An example of the Dyller Law Firm’s big business litigation includes a lawsuit over the assignment of patent rights to one of the hottest power wheel chairs in the country. A substantial settlement was obtained for the inventor. The Dyller Law Firm accepted a fee only at the conclusion of the lawsuit. Another example of the Dyller Law Firm’s big business litigation was the representation of a small church and its trustee against a bank which had mismanaged the church’s money for over 25 years. Again, the Dyller Law Firm obtained a substantial settlement for the church. Again, the Dyller Law Firm did not accept a fee until the conclusion of the lawsuit.

The Dyller Law Firm does not take every business case. We take only those cases we believe in. If we take your case, it means we believe we can help you achieve your goals.

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